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Jewish Tour

During this tour, we will explore the Jewish culture and traditions in Barcelona and add in some important facts about the city. We will see the house of the Rashba and visit a synagogue considered to be one of the oldest in the world. We'll see the City Hall, a Roman temple, and find Hebrew inscriptions in some surprising places. Many hidden spots we will see are only known by the locals. We'll even visit the old  Mikve. It will be a fascinating trip back in time, in one of the best preserved districts of Barcelona—the old Jewish quarte


Hidden Barcelona Tour

This tour would discover you the hidden Barcelona , magical alleys that only locals know, Roman walls in a jewelry shop , the beautiful  hidden garden of the old hospital ,the best churros in town,  and more magical  places, discover the real Barcelona  that tourists do not  get to see, a journey full of surprises and fascinating story's from the hidden Barcelona.

Girona Jewish tour

Girona Jewish Tour

In this tour we would explore the magical city of Girona , Girona is located about 1 hour to the north of Barcelona

  it has a rich Jewish history and was the city of Nachmanides and a very important Jewish spirtual center , we explore the magical streets  of the old city and visit the fascinating Jewish museum of Girona.

Historical Barcelona Tour

In this tour we would explore the old  historical part of Barcelona. Learn its facinating history walk throw the narrow full of ambiance streets visit the Roman Temple, the palace of the King , see the city hall and Cathedral,  learn the history of the city and also a lot of very interestings facts and storys about the city a great way to get your foundational knowledge about Barcelona.

  • Private Jewish tour

    2 h

    Starting from 40€
  • Private Tour

    2 h

    Starting from 40€
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